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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] former ESPN reporter Jared - Qi Wolin said recently, "Adi prefer to give 2014 champion Andrew quasi - Wiggins 180 million of 10-year shoe contract ", and Nike seems willing to match any offer for Wiggins in. Two shoes suppliers so crazy, all because Wiggins can become optimistic atmosphere. But Wiggins really do have such superior strength at ESPN college basketball expert Jeff? - Goodman opinion, now Wiggins just an ordinary player, still far away from the star. As follows: & nbsp; For the purposes of NBA players, compared to a shooting in the NBA, by popularity and commercial packaging PK sneakers endorsement game is undoubtedly secretly competing with their second battlefield: Who's Who of the largest endorsement contract signature shoe? With the most advanced technology? Who sponsors the most privileged where? is this secretly rivalry, it was a big winner, but more is outraged losers Andrew - Wiggins would one day become a great player. But for now, he is still far away. He and LeBron - James, Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant is not fair to compare these star Cheap foamposites for sale s. In the first three hours of training in the University of Kansas, Wiggins jumper after another blacksmith, repeated mistakes, almost "invisible." And this is not the first time he performed poorly in the squad training. Kansas coaching staff said that at any one time in the training team so far, Wiggins did not become the show's most outstanding player. In fact, he did not even become the second best performance in the training squad or third outstanding player. Wiggins really makes an insight into his remarkable physique. His height and wingspan, agility and athletic ability, even on the NBA, also very rare. But he could not dominate the game. This is LeBron, who is immeasurably. LeBron, Durant, Irwin and Theo, who before entering the league, both in the training squad or official in the game, almost always dominate the game. terms of degree of dedication, Wiggins is also enough, "I hope he can play hard from beginning to end, I hope he can fully play their athletic ability," Kansas coach Bill - Cerf said, "He The performance is not stable enough. " Some scouts watched the University of Kansas, said they did not know why almost ever Cheap foamposites for sale yone thinks Wiggins will be the 2014 draft pick, "His performance did not surprise me," said a senior NBA executive He said, "his performance quite satisfactory, more general. I do not think he is a draft pick next year. Until now, I have not seen him show such a capability." "Maybe he will show as the season should show the ability to champion," says the University of Kansas in the preseason came to the NBA player said, "He looks just an ordinary player. I've also I have seen him many times. But to be honest, so many times, he never had their own unique show his fitness really great, but I worry about his passion and energy for the game, as well as other areas. Moreover, he shooting in general. I'm not saying he could not become a superstar, but for now, outside the child's touted for a bit too. " Wiggins physique really well, but the NBA has a lot of physical players. For example, Josh - Smith, his fitness is very good, but that does not mean he will become a superstar. For now, Wiggins shot very general, his ball-handling skills also need to improve. Because in a small space, he had lost very difficult opponent. And this is where the nee Cheap jordans online d to improve Wiggins. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Apparel Network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)Sports players adidas Originals Tobacco "adi's ARCHIVE" launch spring and summer 2012-03-17 09:33:38 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: mita-sneakers] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network March 17 hearing, as adidas Originals's most famous classic Tobacco as early as 1978 had been the face of the public, but we also have the opportunity to once again recently saw this shoe engraved money. All along, I personally think Tobacco, Samba and Gazelle three classic suede leather shoes can be mounted if the shoes are then able to interpret the classic temperament most accurate, rough leather uppers seemingly more historic highlights temperament. This paragraph Tobacco "adi's ARCHIVE" presents a low cylinder shoes, suede uppers slightly rough texture of the hair showed exquisite luxury side. wherein the adidas LOGO vaguely, with the effect particularly well. If my friends like it, and now to Tokyo, Japan to start this mita sneakers shoe adidas Originals Cheap air jordans for sale Tobacco. Related newsin the NIKE basketball product line, equipped with MAX AIR as visible type of shoes has always been a "King" the Almighty striker's favorite, the launch of the new AIR MAX HYPED although the appearance is not surprising but enough to attract the attention of the strength of players. In the "HYPER-" series of development under the background of the AIR MAX HYPED more or less into the "family HYPER-", and the height of filling type flexible on the upper wing player is also suitable for reinforcing materials with similar carbon fiber texture to this pair of shoes is a bit more power. After three window MAX AIR combined with the outsole pattern of utility, whether inside or outside against the movement can make the wearer the heart should be "feet", will undoubtedly win the favor of many players in the new season. download (83.89 KB)〈br 2010-8-6="" 10:32 is nearing the end of January, Stussy in the previously published in January launched a rich style this double in " Athletic C" Baseball Jacket and general heavy. Give people the impression of different Baseball Jacket, ventilated nylon material is more suitable Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale for spring and summer, respectively, blue gray color download launched. (50.69 KB) download (80.5 KB) download (31.16 KB) download (34.65 KB) download (23.43 KB) download (65.06 KB)The upcoming new football season, Nike has for the upcoming war new University of Oregon rugby football players ready exclusive shoes, a white ash a double color Nike Huarache Pro. A yellow have details of the decoration, shoe body with O logo, MIGHTY OREGON ", the word NO END IN SIGHT and the motto of school team mascot image elements. 1392945C455420-4B05.jpg (106.45 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-21 10:45 upload Oregon, Nike 00 more than 20 days ago, Urumqi shoe business trade city is to change the past only sell product brand operating mode is not maintained, have to reach the state, cloth store, part of footwear manufacturers even ready to open 20 stores. yesterday (August 5th), the shoe business for more than 10 years in the capital of the International Trade Building or Cetra Building, Tang Daiming told reporters, in a shoe orders a few days before the meeting, he signed a store project with 6 State shoe manufacturers, previously Retro jordans for sale only selling shoes, nor how to brand maintenance, now this store sales form, the agents and dealers bundled products have greater sales network. sports shoes wholesale Liu Binghua said that his future products are all in the form of store sales, he will open 20 stores in Xinjiang, the store has been contracted by half, to be completed by the end of Xinjiang distribution. Liu Binghua said: "in order to layout Xinjiang stores, we not only developed a series of regulatory measures, but also to spend a million to build a remote network control system, this is not to state can learn every store operation situation, although open stores need more service customer service agents, but the sales terminal is security." reporters learned that trade city more than 20 sports shoes wholesale consumers plan to open stores in cities, nearly 200 businesses and a dealer to set up shop agreement. associate professor at the Xinjiang University Of Finance and Economics, Hu Xuyong said: "the store sales is a form of popular, on the one hand, the brand of goods, can better maintain their own brand, to establish a stable brand loy cheap foamposites alty, on the other hand also to facilitate sales, from the retailer's perspective that is, can save cost, easier to obtain uniform product and advertising support." (Editor: admin)Nike Free 5 men's sports shoes have close fitting in the inside of the artificial fiber patches, created a seamless environment in shoes, make the dress more comfortable. breathable mesh upper cover most enhanced permeability and comfort, but also can bring the feeling of barefoot comfortable fit bottom in.Phylite by " " waffle outsole; cushioning structure, to achieve light and elastic, wear resistance can reach two times in the bottom of the outer bottom, a reduce the overall shoe weight, daily leisure sports are suitable to wear . 6pm quoted $59.99 to about $371, available, the domestic price of 600 yuan, the sea Amoy has certain advantages. (global shoe network Arlene editor) by the popular Canadian singer The Weeknd in charge of the brand XO recently brought second new wave spring series. Including Coach Jacket, Bomber, T-Shirt, hoodies, knitted hats and stockings and a variety of single product design, in addition to the use of black, white, green and other colors and the combination of XO Logo throughout, an abstract art atmosphere of the pattern has become the punchline of the series. now, XO 2017 spring and summer series second wave new products can be purchased through its official website. 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Although he died early, but the works so far is still a lot of designer source of inspiration, and until today he left the creative thoughts still in the fashion world and a flashing light. This year marks the Reebok pump pneumatic technology the 25th anniversary of the market, both from the Keith haring's famous painting "crack is wack" capture inspiration, to create a series of very interesting pump shoes. In addition to highly sought after the Pump Insta Pump Fury, but also including the Running Dual Court, Victory Pump and other classic style. The shoes are injected into the black lines and crisscross doodle dolls, shoes more black, orange tone, to create a strong contrast effect, very aesthetic level. Scrutiny of words will find vamp has a lot of skull bone pattern, the original Keith haring original creative works of the then is to warn young people stay away from drugs, in order to promote anti drug information. So this cooperation not only the street graffiti art and movement trend of the combination, more in order to transfer the positive values, highly creative significance. source: milk