Welcome to a small kennel pod Rozhlednou (Japan Chin)

Japanchin is a small, quiet, social dog from ancient China and Japan, which takes its main mission - to love their masters and make happy - very seriously. For centuries been accustomed to live in the interior, making it ideal for breeding in a small apartment. It is very clean, taking care of their appearance and easy to learn on a dedicated place at home. It is less lively than other common breeds, my heart is still a dog who loves the weather and walk to stay outside. Not barking at home, something rarely destroy perfectly tolerated with other animals, on the contrary, if you have at home two Japs will definitely happier.

The most amazing feature of Japanese chin is its adaptability. To be with you lie quietly on the couch in the living room and enjoy your neighborhood, or accompany you on long walks honestly. These are but the immediate need to adapt the weather.

Do you know if the Japanese chin, you will understand why he says he has a lot of cat. Relatively large round head with round eyes as big and strong facial expressions on his face, handy front cake that can be used to cleanse your body and to games. Toys you can throw into the air. But also dignity, sometimes a reserve. The Japanese Chin is a sensitive dog, or drill any firmer hand in his education is not only a bad thing, but mostly useless. Japs easily educate them basic obedience, including the good, kind and positive attitude.

Caring for Japanese chin is very easy. His long, fine and silky coat rarely smell out at some point, there is no need to comb it often. Except during molting. This is not the Japs because of its size is no big deal. Coat lightly to remove from any location or surface. The coat also has a so-called self-cleaning ability, most of the impurities that collect such dog while walking in the countryside, she actually declines. Chin also has a hair on the legs shorter than the rest of the body and is thus possibly far less pollution. Japanchin some more tears to eyes, it is appropriate to periodically wipe the eye area, and thus preventively remove any dirt. Further care is the standard control and care of the ears, nails and the rest of the body. Swim several times a year is sufficient.

Standard of breed